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DWI Case Study

Case Study - DWI Dismissal

A client of mine was charged with a DWI with a fatality. The police indicated that my client had Red Glassy Eyes and the Odor of an Alcoholic Beverage on his breath.

Three SFSTs (Standardized Field Sobriety Tests) were administered to the Defendant.

The Charges:

DWI/DUI Charges for auto fatality

The Verdict:

As a result of the blood testing done by the Nassau University Medical Center all charges against the Defendant Dismissed.

Nassau County Case Study
Aggravated Operation Case Study

Case Study - Aggravated Unlicensed Operation §511.1 Charges

Client was charged with driving with a suspended license, a misdemeanor. After a bench trial in Nassau County District Court the client was found guilty of a mere traffic infraction.

The Charges:

Aggravated Unlicensed Operation - Speeding in a School Zone - Tinted Windows
-Unlicensed Operator

The Verdict:

Operating without a license. The fine imposed was minimal and the Defendant walked from the building with a smile on his face.

nassau county speeding ticket lawyer
8pt Speeding Ticket Case Study

Case Study - 8 Point Speeding Ticket

Client received two speeding tickets within a short period of time of each other. Client wanted to avoid insurance premium increase.

The Law Office of David Galison, P.C; was able to get both tickets reduced to Zero Points.

The Charges:

Driving 21-30 MPH over the speed limit for a total of 8 points ... Meadowbrook State Parkway near Exit M5 in East Meadow

The Verdict:

Two 4 point violations both reduced to 0 points.

Failure to Stop Ticket
Failure to Stop Case Study

Case Study - Failure to Stop

Client received two tickets for allegedly running a stop sign and failing to yield. The tickets equalled 6 points and about $600 in fines.

The Charges:

Failure to Stop and Failure to Yield

The Verdict:

6 points reduced to Zero points and $600 in potential fines reduced to $150